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Timothy Jasko

I wish I were a jellyfish, that cannot fall downstairs

I got a special present for Christmas!It's a jellyfish tank. This will be my very first foray into saltwater, so I'm a little nervous. Hopefully, I don't kill the things in a week.I'll keep everyone updated on my progress once I get the tank up and running. We'll see if it's really as easy as they make it sound.
Joel Antkowiak

Fishroom Happenings - Bye, Bye Bucket!

I just recently parted ways with Bucket, my black belt cichlid. Bucket got his name from Ashley, who named him Bucket because when we took him to the ACA Convention in Washington, I had to transport him in a bucket. Until then, young Ashley had only seen me transport fish in plastic bags, which would not suffice for Bucket. Bucket took 2nd place at...
Joel Antkowiak

Fishroom Happenings

‚ÄčI will from time to time post some interesting, and some not so interesting things going on in my fishroom on this blog. Some of these posts may even turn into articles for Tank Tales.