• ACLC April 2014 Meeting

    Saturday, April 26th 2014 at 1:00 PM

                             a Joint Meeting with GWAPA 

    Planted Aquarium 102  - by Sean Murphy (GWAPA) 

    SeanMurphySean has been keeping fish in water since he was old enough to have his mother say “Sean don’t get wet” every place they went.  He started putting plants into tanks in earnest in 1985 when he was a sophomore at UMass getting a BS in Zoology, partially to encourage  fish to breed, partially to conduct a predator/prey/cover relationship study for Limnology, Ecology, and Ichthyology, all three of which Sean was taking in the same semester.  Sean earned his BS in 1986, and stuck around UMass to get his MS in 1991 in Fish and Wildlife Management, Sean's thesis concerned fish movement and use of high salt marshes in Maine.  The “claim to fame” from that study was that he has (had? Sean doesn’t know if anyone has a recent record further North) the northern most recorded capture of a spotfin butterfly fish in the US (see Bigelow and Schroeder's Fishes of the Gulf of Maine, Third Edition).  Sean has been working for the Federal Goverment as a Fisheries/Wetlands/Wildlife Biologist for the last 23 years.

    Sean has been a member (at times) of the Pioneer Valley Aquarium Society, the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society, GWAPA, the Aquatic Gardeners Association (AGA) and a few other smaller clubs (killifish groups).  He is also (or has been) a member of the American Fisheries Society, the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, the Estuarine Research Federation and a few others. Sean also has been a moderator on the  Planted Tank forum, the AGA forum, and the Plant Geeks forum

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    reginacutout Regina Spotti - Jeremy BaschJBcutout

    Shane Linder - G.W.A.P.A.

    Wayne Leibel - Dave Koran



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A GWAPA Members' Beautiful Planted Tank


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